February 19, 2018

Kasian Vancouver joins Michelle Obama for an afternoon of compelling conversation

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Our Kasian Vancouver team had the privilege of attending the Conversation with Former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama event last Thursday February the 15th, hosted by the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade. She spoke to an audience of mostly women and girls in an auditorium that seated about 2,900 people.

Our team found the talk very inspirational. Michelle covered major conversation topics such as mentorship, social media, education, work-life balance, and making an impact as a first lady and mother.

On the topic of social media, she said it “can do two things: it can bring us together or keep us isolated,” noting that people hiding behind a computer screen are emboldened to make nasty remarks. She urged people to connect with one another, not through tweets or posts, but through their voices. “A life looking into your phone is not a life, you have to break out of your silo.” She also added that the divisiveness of social media also lends itself to a certain type of leader.

“Leaders who lead by fear … that’s all you want to point to, what’s broken and wrong,” she said. “But if you choose to lead by hope, then you see that good.”

On that note, global change starts with your domain of influence. How are you engaged in your community? How well do you treat those you interact with? Big change starts with small actions. Success does not come overnight,  it takes hard work and being surrounded with the right people. “Don’t despair. Don’t get bogged down in the negativity,” she added. “It takes time, but we are moving in the right direction.”

What an engaging and thought-provoking afternoon.

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