April 13, 2017

Kasian Celebrates Modo’s One Year Anniversary Since Merger!

For Immediate Release

We have reached a one year milestone since Modo joined the Kasian family! Here is what Chantal Frenette, our Interior Design Principal, would like to share on this past years’ experience.

“Having worked with many clients who have gone through a merger, we are acutely aware as designers that culture fit is one of the greatest predictors of success. It was evident from the start that our firms shared common values and since joining Kasian our team has been welcomed with open arms by the entire Kasian family, and most of all by the amazing people in the Toronto office. Within days, friendships were formed and the integration of interior design and architectural projects began (so did our Revit training… it’s a work in progress).”

Also, Chantal offers a couple of insights from what she witnessed over the past year.

“I believe that our greatest strength as a firm is our true/complete integration of architecture and design – many firms claim to do it – but few really do it in practice. Where I see our utmost potential is in our ability to collaborate across offices and across sectors. The size of our firm allows us to be agile and deliver boutique level design to our clients – while our broad reach means we can deliver these projects across vast geographical areas. But just as important, our depth of knowledge + expertise and our strong culture of collaboration enable us to gather important insights and bring a unique and innovative approach to our projects. In the words of Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, ‘all of us are smarter than any of us.'”