July 17, 2014

Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre

2013 Silver QWHA Winner
For Immediate Release

Hotel Dieu Shaver is proud to announce that it has recently opened the Centre’s brand new 5,750 square foot rehabilitation area in the out-patient building, affectionately known as “the courtyard”. The newly renovated courtyard contains the latest in “state of the art” rehabilitation equipment, and numerous benefits are already being realized by patients, visitors, and staff as the new space is increasingly utilized.

For the organization, these benefits include improved patient care outcomes through access to advanced assessment and therapy tools, decreased wait time for therapy services with the increased availability of therapy space and equipment, and improved patient and visitor satisfaction due to the above as well as the relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Benefits to staff include the opportunity to enhance their professional knowledge and expertise through the variety and sophistication of available equipment, the increased maneuverability for both patient and health care provider permitted by the open-design of the therapy space, and the increased safety for both patient and health care providers as therapy routines previously performed out-doors or in highly trafficked hallways are brought into an enclosed space dedicated to rehabilitation activities.

As the site of more than 41,000 rehab visits annually, the Hotel Dieu Shaver received support from our Local Health and Integration Network which lead to approval from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to expand therapy space through the enclosure of the former courtyard area.

Filled with all the amenities of a modern rehabilitation center, there are several features that are of tremendous benefit to our patient population. For example, the car transfer and pre-driving assessment zone includes a full sized car to practice patient transfers and to allow family members the opportunity to learn and practice how to safely stow and transport mobility assistive devices such as wheelchairs. Many patients recovering from a stroke will benefit from the driving simulation computer to support patient driver training and reacquisition of drivers licensing through practice in synthesized real world scenarios.

The new space includes rehabilitation equipment designed to help both in-patients and out-patients regain their motor function with a particular focus on gait and mobility.  Equipment includes motorized parallel bars, a gait analysis machine, and an un-weighted treadmill.  One of the more eye-catching features is a fully functional traffic light and pedestrian signal that allows our therapists to work with patients to a real timed traffic light in the safe confines of the rehab center to ensure they can cross various lanes of traffic safely and with confidence. The traffic light was generously donated by the Regional Municipality of Niagara and includes the standard accessibility features of a “chirping” auditory signal for those with visual impairments.

Patients, family members, and staff alike enjoy the open-concept design featuring skylights for increased natural light and a living wall to enhance air quality.  Our CEO wanted to ensure there would be lots of natural light and, combined with the living wall; it also creates an aesthetic and calming atmosphere.

Feedback from patients, staff and visitors has been overwhelmingly positive. Staff have plenty of elbow room to work in and are able to focus without distraction when they are “one on one” with their patients.

“State of the art” equipment has raised the bar for staff by helping them to integrate their expertise and knowledge with this new equipment. It shows that the leadership of Hotel Dieu Shaver cares for staff and wants them to be able to perform at their very best.  “The courtyard” is a very desirable place to work and all that use it will benefit from the experience.Hotel Dieu Shaver Rehab Centre Hotel Dieu Shaver Rehab Centre