February 9, 2016

Calgary Office Shows Appreciation with Spark Awards

Just after ringing in 2016, Kasian’s Calgary team members were asked to nominate colleagues in a number of different categories for the Spark Awards. The Awards are meant to show appreciation for members of staff who have demonstrated inspiration, passion, spirit and outstanding contribution to Kasian’s Calgary office over the previous year. This year’s categories included:

  • Heart Award: Outstanding passion in one’s field;
  • 007 Award: Best secret hobby;
  • Zen Award: Always remains calm in the eye of a storm;
  • Most Inspiring Person Award: Shows great vision, courage and kindness;
  • Green Bean Award: Makes the world a greener place; and
  • Golden Spark Award: Outstanding contribution to workplace community culture.

The winners (pictured above) were announced at Kasian Calgary’s Staff Party at the beginning of February. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated!