Each of our Market Sectors represents an area of expertise, where inspiration combines with experience.
Academic, Science & Technology

Educational spaces should encourage interaction inside as well as outside classrooms. We design academic, science, and technology buildings that inspire learning and leave a memorable imprint on the neighborhoods that surround them.

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We create public spaces that help define communities and cultures by listening to the people who work, play, and interact within them - leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

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Interior Design

Our interiors aren't simply built to please the eyes. They are designed with the purpose of the space in mind - whether it's to stimulate work, encourage learning, foster healing, or support travel, entertainment or shopping.

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Health Care

We approach every health care project as an opportunity to shape an important part of a community; one centred around health, education, and acceptance.

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As gateways to cities, countries and nations, airports and other transport systems should convey a unique sense of environment. We use architectural design to tell specific stories reflective of the distinct culture, personality, and history of a city - providing memorable passenger experiences with each arrival.

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We are experienced in a wide range of commercial developments, including retail, office space, hospitality, residential, and industrial projects. This, combined with our understanding of business needs, allows us to create spaces that favour the environment and inspire people in the use of that space.

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Strategic Facilities Planning

We look at an organization's goals, culture, and processes to create a plan that addresses people's needs first, and space second. This ensures a new facility can support people effectively and open doors to new possibilities in the future.

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Through inspired envisioning, we design and create new communities that not only serve those who live, work or play there, but the existing neighbourhood as well. It is the seamless integration of retail, hospitality, residential, hotels, commercial and industrial needs.

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