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For over 30 years, Kasian has applied creative design and best practice business strategies to deliver the finest of guest experiences at exclusive hotels and 5-7 star resorts globally. Whether we’re focused on instilling design innovation to powerful brands such as Fairmont, Starwood, and the Four Seasons, or working with boutique hoteliers in the creation of astonishing one of a kind experiences, we help to deliver properties that passionately cater to the guest, while meeting the business requirements of the operator and the developer.

Our hospitality team is specialized and adaptable, designing and executing a variety of hospitality experiences. From traditional to contemporary, mountain to coastal, urban to resort, or from applying design styles and influences from North American, Middle Eastern, Andalusian, Moroccan and Maldivian, we create refreshing guest experiences set within a culturally unique context.

Our work also includes confidential primary residences for Country Leaders. These residences are complete with VVIP guest quarters, facilities for entertaining Heads of State, dining facilities and lounges, meeting and conference, spa and fitness facilities, games rooms, beauty salon, cigar rooms, private museums and other specialized amenities for residents and guests. These private residence projects vary in size from 8,000 square meters to 40,000 square meters.

Over decades of engagement focused on creating the foundation for unparalleled guest experiences, mindful of the business and operations of our clients, Kasian has learned to work in collaboration with our clients to translate their vision and brand into the built form; in essence we think and function as an extension of the business leaders we represent, with their vision and goals fused as ours.